A Newsletter from Fassler Gourmet Singapore.

The Patagonian Red Rainbow Trout.


Fassler Gourmet Singapore launches a new line of hot smoked products using the Patagonian Red Rainbow Trout.


Posted in 2003

Portion cut totally custom made. 


At Fassler Gourmet we have learnt that “One size fits all” doesn't go for a discerning Chefs seafood needs.


Posted in 2003

We have approval to extend our Factory.


During the Lunar New Year festive holidays we have started upgrading our factory.


Posted February 2004

Upsizing our Factory is almost completed.


Over 200 tones of building material and six months later…….


Posted July 2004

New products


After doubling up our production and packing space we now look into creating new range of products with an eye on the budget conscious customers of ours.


Posted November 2004

Product News


Yes, it’s through. All our hot smoked salmon product are now finally available pre-cut and with 10 flavours to choose from you are spoilt for choice.


Posted April 2005

New products


Wild caught salmon takes center stage in this latest range of Canadian style smoked salmon products, now available from Fassler Gourmet Singapore.


Posted December 2004

Product News

There are six new flavours in our

Smoked Salmon Roulade product range.

Available pre-portioned these products could change the way you work.


Posted 1. August 2005

Company News

We are proud to have received an

"Grade A" license for hygiene

 in 1997 and every year since then.


Posted August 2005

Product News


3 new, time saving products are now available to the discerning caterer.

Check it out!


Posted September 2005

Product News


Let’s party. The 15. of September 2006 marks the launch of the Cold Storage & Fassler all-year-round party platter service.


Posted September 2006

Product News


The year 2005 was clearly a year where all our energy went into new products for the airline catering industry. In 2006 it’s the Retail industry's turn.


Posted October 2006

Company News - Fassler goes green


In order to contain ever increasing costs of raw materials and packaging materials Fassler Singapore has taken a bold step forward. Click here to read all about it.


Posted April 2007

Product News - Tuna Tataki


Two new Tuna Tataki products are now available from Fassler Gourmet.

Ready to serve - hassle free.

Read all about it.


Posted July 2007

Retail products from Fassler Gourmet SingaporeA real clasicDelicious Tuna TatakiThe Fassler Party ServiceSalmon Florentine in PastryFood Savety Excellence Award 2005New Smoked Salmon Roulade Products from Fassler Singapore.Hot Smoked SalmonWild Caught Salmon Products.April 16. 2004              
The front extention starts to take shape.Atlantic Salmon CutletOcean Trout Cutlet

Product News

The Fassler Green Line


Wild caught smoked fish products are nothing new to Fassler but offering these products in the convenient 100 gm retail pack is new.


Posted September 2007

The Fassler Green Line - For the friends of Organic Foods

Product News

Excuse me Sir, How would you like to have your smoked salmon sliced?

Fassler is now giving you a choice of slicing angle to assist you in your creative work.


Posted July 2009

Crumbed Whiting Fillet with Chips and Salad

Product News

Know your Tuna


Tuna, tasteless smoked to preserve its colour and quality, is available in many shapes and sizes.


Posted September 2011

New Product

Sockeye Salmon from the icy cold waters of Alaska has arrived.

Do you know your salmon?

Guess who is the star on today’s dinner table?


Posted October 2012


Company News


We are the recipient of the prestigious

  Gold Award for

        Food Safety Excellence.


Posted July 2013